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2014 Press Release


For Immediate Release


ZipPlan Launches New Website!


New York, Jan. 7th, 2014- ZipPlan has officially launched a new website, www.zipplan.com, for small business owners. The new website guides small business owners through the process of creating a customized business plan. ZipPlan explores the business concept, the marketing and sales, the financial management, but all at a level that is just right for your business.


“Every business needs a roadmap for how the business will be successful. If you are just starting out, and need to get key items decided for your business, a plan like the one created with ZipPlan is for you,” CEO and President Denise Kirk-Murray stated.


ZipPlan is a tool to help small business owners develop a quick and useful business plan. It does not replace a more complex plan. ZipPlan helps entrepreneurs identify the key areas of their business and get all ideas down in one place. At the end of the process, business owners have a short but complete business plan that can be used to start and grow a successful business.


Simply put, ZipPlan is cost effective, convenient, easier, less stressful, a time saver and ensures small business owners are not alone in this process!






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