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How Can We Help You?

ZipPlan is a quick way to get you started in your business. Business planning is critical for every business. However, not every business needs a long difficult business plan to be successful. Some people get caught up in writing the plan and never get to the point of putting the plan in action.


Here at ZipPlan we offer the following services: 


Business Planning is Critical


Every business needs a plan, a roadmap, for how the business will be successful. Let’s face it. Not every business needs a lengthy, complex plan. Yes, if you are searching for a loan or an investor for your business, you need a more in depth business plan. However if you are just starting out, and need to get key items decided for your business, a plan like the one created with ZipPlan is for you.


Procrastination: Fear and Information Overload


Many people spend weeks, months or even years, just working on developing their business plan. They maybe afraid of writing a plan or are overwhelmed. As a result, they procrastinate. On the other hand, other people keep ideas in their heads, when in fact they need to write it down. What ends up happening is they never move forward in taking action. Those who suffer from fear and information overload now have assistance from ZipPlan. 


ZipPlan to the Rescue!


ZipPlan helps you develop a customized business plan for your business. It does not cut corners in the business planning process. ZipPlan guides you through the steps of the process so you get just the right size plan to move your business forward. It explores your business concept, the marketing and sales, the financial management, but all at a level that is just right for your business.


Get Started and Get Finished


Get started today. And with ZipPlan, you can not only get started today, you can also get finished today. Finish your business plan with the simple steps in ZipPlan.