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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order ZipPlan?


You can download ZipPlan and get started right away. Once we receive your payment, you will be given an access code to download the program. Click here to go to our order page. We accept major credit cards.


How much does ZipPlan cost?


We have a special introductory offer of $19.95. You also get access to the free webinars with your purchase.


How do I access the free webinars?


Completing the ZipPlan template is easy. But you may have some questions and need additional support. We offer free webinars to help you move forward in developing your plan. Once you buy ZipPlan, you will be able to call in to the free webinars.


Can I use ZipPlan if I am looking for a bank loan?


Generally your lender or investor will want full financial information and a more complex written business plan. ZipPlan is meant to be a quick and simple tool for small business owners to start and grow a business. If you need a business plan to get financing, please contact EntrepreneurTraining.com for assistance.


Who do I contact if I have technical issues downloading the program or if I have additional questions?


You can contact the ZipPlan customer care team at info@zipplan.com.